Full Zirconium or Crystal Ultra Hybrid now offered at the same price!

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Meettechnology- combining unique dental materials with affordability to give you white, strong, and beautiful teeth! Theis a solid bridge of Full Zirconium or Crystal Ultra teeth that is rigidly connected to 4 or more dental implants. It’s permanent, stays in place night and day, works like teeth, looks like teeth and gums, and now it is affordable. Theis made of Full Zirconium or reinforced resin Crystal Ultra for exceptional esthetics and wear. Our unique manufacturing process ensures each bridge is exceptional, personalized, and durable. If you’re tired of painful teeth, loose dentures, missing teeth, or embarrassed about your teeth-theis for you!

Latest Testimonials

“I was looking for alternative ways other than getting a denture at the age of 34.”

“My surgery was super easy, super fast… I was out faster than predicted.”

“I have already recommended and talked to everybody about them!”


Cedar City, Utah

“Everything was explained to me ahead of time.”

“I would actually do it again, surprisingly.”

“I love my new teeth now, they feel good!”


Santa Clara, Utah

“Dr. Norris is the most comforting dentist I’ve ever met in my life!”

“I catch myself smiling all the time now!”

“I have been telling everybody I know about this thing!”


Enoch, Utah

“I love my new teeth! I can’t quit smiling!

“The IV sedation was really great.”

“I recommend Dr. Dan Norris, highly.”


Enoch, Utah

“Everything worked out well.”

“Dentures are no good. These worked out really well!”

“They’re really nice people, they’ve been really good to get along with.”


Salem, Utah

“I never had any discomfort or anything at all.”

“The operation was on Friday and I went back to work on Monday. I just took it easy.”

“I’m happy with it and I would recommend it. It was a good process.”


Enoch, Utah


Theis done in 1 surgical visit for most of our patients. We use the latest in 3D scanning, Blue Sky Bio designing software, 3D printing, latest in guided implant surgery techniques, Platelet-rich Fibrin grafting, and so much more to help you get thequickly and predictably.


Thestarts at $9,000 per arch. To get your flat fee price quote just call and schedule your free initialconsultation. We offer many financing options so you can get yourtoday, including In- House Financing without a credit check! NO MEDICAID ACCEPTED.

Teeth not Dentures

Theis a Full Zirconium or reinforced Crystal Ultra bridge of teeth that is secured to 4 or more dental implants. It is solid, doesn’t come out unexpectedly, and looks like bright white teeth! Eachis created by Dr. Dan right here at our own lab in Enoch, Utah, using the latest technology and materials.

Am I a Candidate?

Most healthy patients are candidates for the. If your diabetes is well controlled you’re a candidate. If you smoke, you’re a candidate. If you DON’T have an auto-Immune disorder, unstable angina, recent heart surgery, Bisphosphonate Drug history, osteoporosis, cancer, or history of chemo/radiation to head and neck then you’re a candidate for the. If you’re still wondering, just schedule a consultation and we’ll let you know if you’re right for the.

Meet Dr. Dan Norris & Full Mouth Solutions

Is it an S4 or an ALL-ON-4?

Both! The well known dental implant company, Nobel Biocare, coined the phrase ALL-ON-4 which simply describes a solid bridge of teeth connected to 4 dental implants. This procedure typically happens with one surgical visit. The ALL-ON-4 has been used successfully for many years, but is terribly expensive in most offices. Here at Full Mouth Solutions we call our All- ON-4 procedure the FMS4 or S4 for short. It is a solid bridge of Full Zirconium or Crystal Ultra teeth on a reinforced fiberglass framework and is delivered with one surgical visit in most cases. Our S4 doesn’t come out, isn’t a denture or a snap-denture, and is beautiful. Here at Full Mouth Solutions, we want to give you something that looks and functions similar to teeth, NOT dentures, and the S4 is the Answer!

All-on-4 dental implants
All on 4 dental implants
All on 4 dental implants
All on 4 dental implants

Full Zirconium or Crystal Ultra Hybrid now offered at the same price!

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Sorry no Medicaid accepted.

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More Testimonials

“I love having my new teeth that don’t come out”


“They look so real and shiny” 


“They’re better than the teeth I replaced”


“One surgery is all it took!”


Caring for your New Teeth

Watch this video and learn how to care for your new FMS4!

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