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Hi. I’m Dr. Dan Norris with Full Mouth Solutions. I’m the founder of Full Mouth Solutions and our goal here is to provide you with teeth. Not snap-on dentures or regular dentures but actual teeth that are bolted down the implants.

The way that we do that is we place four to six dental implants into the bone and we add a bridge that is bolted down to those implants and that bridge is made of two types of different materials. We can have one that is a composite bridge, another that is a zirconium bridge.

Starting at $8,000 an arch. The way that we can do this at this price for our patients is because we have the ultimate technology and we do everything in-house here.

I personally make these bridges for every one of our patients. So by cutting out a lot of the overhead that other offices have, we’re able to provide this for our patients at a very affordable price.

all on 4 implants in utah

Affordable Dental Implants in Utah with FMS4 All on 4

Here in our office at Full Mouth Solutions, we offer in-house financing. So many patients can get one of the S4s per arch for around $300 a month. So we’re pretty excited to have that option for a lot of our patients.

The first visit here at Full Mouth Solutions is complimentary. There’s no charge at the first visit. So your CBCT scan, your impressions, your photographs, the treatment planning, all of that is complimentary. There’s not a charge for that and we’re excited to be able to offer that to patients because there’s really no barrier for somebody to come here and have that first appointment.

Here at Full Mouth Solutions, we’re here to serve you. We’re here to provide the very best that we can so that you can have teeth and give you something to smile about.

Give Alison a call today here at Full Mouth Solutions and she can answer any of your questions and schedule you for your diagnostic appointment. Call 435-383-3339

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