“All-on-4” dental bridge implants

The All on Four protocol, or All-on-4, is a surgical technique that governs the placement of dental implants in a patient’s mouth. It is generally recommended for edentulous and near-edentulous patients who have lost most, if not all, of their teeth to periodontal (gum) disease. All on Four implants, as the name suggests, involves the permanent attachment of a fully customized prosthetic dental bridge to the abutments of four dental implants per jaw. These implants are inserted at exact locations in the mouth (and at precise angles too) to reap maximum support for the bridge without the need for bone grafting surgery first.

Are you tired of using removable dentures? Wearing one only introduces new problems like gum sores or speech difficulty. Getting all-on-four denture implants are better to replace lost teeth so you can restore the complete functionality of your mouth.

Removable dentures used to be the only option when it comes to replacing lost teeth. People with missing teeth had problems with speaking and eating, getting dentures helped them resolve these problems. The design, however, did not look natural. It was obvious when a person is wearing dentures because of the color of the gums.

Dentures are also difficult to maintain. You have to remove it before you sleep and soak it in a glass of water. It needs extra care whenever you brush your teeth. It becomes loose over time so that you may experience slippage once in a while. It can be embarrassing when you are talking. You have to buy adhesives to keep them intact. These adhesives help them stick to the roof of your oral cavity. Using removable dentures is time-consuming as you have to take an effort in maintaining them.


all on 4

Advantages of All on Four Implants

The benefits and advantages stemming from the dental prosthesis being fixed in the mouth are incredible:

  • Because a dental implant fully supports it, it causes no inflammation, irritation or sensitivity to the gums, thus negating the need for repeat expenses such as anesthetic gels.
  • It’s affixing to dental implants, which are ‘anchored’ in the mouth, which means that the All on Four implant prosthesis is cared for just like natural teeth with regular brushing and flossing. No need for removal at nighttime or after meals for cleaning.
  • Dental implants provide support and strength, enabling patients to use the affixed dental bridge in eating and articulation in speech as they would their natural, healthy teeth.
  • In the absence of the need for ‘flanges’ – extra bulk supporting removable dentures – the solutions provided by All on Four implants look completely natural. The skill used in the fabrication of the prosthetic dental bridge also renders it virtually indistinguishable from natural and healthy teeth

all on 4

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