Frequently Asked Questions

What is an FMS4 or FMS6?

An FMS4 or FMS6 is a whole arch bridge of permanent teeth connected to 4 or 6 dental implants. It is a permanent bridge that doesn’t come out like a denture. It is commonly called an All-on-4 or All-on-6.

How much does the FMS4 or FMS6 cost?

At Full Mouth Solutions are pricing is super simple:


What is the FMS4 or FMS6 made out of?

How many visits until I get my final FMS4 or FMS6 bridge of teeth?

At Full Mouth Solutions are pricing is super simple:


What type of sedation do you use?

We use IV conscious sedation. It is called “twilight” sedation. We use Valium to help you relax, and we use Versed to help you not remember the visit. Most of our patients have been very comfortable despite not being “asleep”. We don’t do General Anesthesia like that done in a hospital or surgical center.

How long is my recovery after surgery?

Most of our patients take about 1 week to recover from surgery.

Can I use my current dentures?

Unfortunately, dentures are not nearly strong enough to be converted into bridges. The FMS4 or the FMS6 is much, much, much stronger than your current dentures.

What type of implants do you use?

All of our Implants are Blue Sky Bio Implants which are manufactured in the USA. They are of the highest quality and design. We have placed thousands of them successfully here at Full Mouth Solutions.

What is your warranty?

The Crystal Ultra Hybrid has a 1 year warranty on the bridge. The Zirconia has a 2 year warranty on the Bridge.

Am I a candidate for an FMS4 or FMS6?

First, let’s see if you’re healthy enough for Dental Implants:

  1. Do you have Osteoarthritis?
  2. Do you have Rheumatoid Arthritis?
  3. Do you have osteoporosis?
  4. Do you have an Autoimmune disease like HIV/AIDS, Hashimoto’s, Lupus?
  5. Are you taking Immune suppressing drugs?
  6. Do you have Allergies to metals?
  7. Do you have cancer?
  8. Have you had head or neck cancer and had radiation treatment?
  9. Do you have a bleeding disorder?
  10. Have you had a heart attack within one year?
  11. Have you had a Stroke or CVA within one year?
  12. Are you allergic to local anesthetics?
  13. Are you using any illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, meth, prescription pain pills?
  14. Do you Have Hyperthyroidism?
  15. Is your Diabetic A1c test score above 7?
  • If you answer YES to any of these questions then NO you are not a good candidate.
  • If you answer NO to ALL of these questions, then YES you are a good candidate and would love to talk to you about your options! Call us today!

Second, Do you have a CT scan of your mouth?

  • If YES, please send us your scan on a USB thumb drive to Full Mouth Solutions, 850 East MidValley Road, Enoch, Ut 84721.
  • If NO, you may come to our office and have it done at no charge. If not, you can go to an oral surgeon’s office and get the scan done at your cost. Just remember to have them put the scan on a USB thumb drive and mail to us at Full Mouth Solutions, 850 East MidValley Road, Enoch, Ut 84721. Dr Dan will review the scan and we’ll call you back as soon as possible with the results.
Do you offer financing?

We offer In-House financing for qualified individuals. Our terms are simple: $2500 non-refundable down payment, monthly recurring payments up to 24 months, 18% interest. We finance only 1 arch at a time.

Can I use my Dental Insurance?

We require payment in full or financing for your treatment. We can give you insurance claims for your work with us and you can mail them to your insurance company. They will pay you directly after you mail them your claims.

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Meettechnology- combining unique dental materials with affordability to give you white, strong, and beautiful teeth! Theis a solid bridge of Full Zirconium or Crystal Ultra teeth that is rigidly connected to 4 or more dental implants. It’s permanent, stays in place night and day, works like teeth, looks like teeth and gums, and now it is affordable. Theis made of Full Zirconium or reinforced resin Crystal Ultra for exceptional esthetics and wear. Our unique manufacturing process ensures each bridge is exceptional, personalized, and durable. If you’re tired of painful teeth, loose dentures, missing teeth, or embarrassed about your teeth-theis for you!

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