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Now that you’ve received your FMS 4 today, what should you do to ensure the best results while healing?

No worries. We’ve got your post-operative instructions right here.

For the first three weeks, follow a liquid diet or extremely soft foods such as Jell-O, yogurt, simple soups, soft mashed potatoes, Ensure or similar protein complete meal drinks.

Very gently swish with mouth rinse dispensed from our office three times a day and continue until you return to our office in two weeks. You can brush your teeth with any non-abrasive toothpaste such as straight baking soda, Arm and Hammer dental care or PeroxiCare, Tom’s of Maine Sensitive, Colgate Regular or Total and Sensodyne.

Always avoid whitening and tartar control toothpastes. Don’t smoke or use tobacco of any kind since this will stain your new white teeth black.

For weeks four through twelve after surgery, follow a soft foods diet and avoid clenching and grinding. The best habit to get into now and forever is to eat foods that can be easily cut with a fork.

care for all on 4 implants

Caring for your Dental Implants is Easy!

Avoid biting and pulling on your FMS 4 teeth with foods like jerky, licorice, corn on the cob or tough chewy rib meat. Continue to use the mouth rinse we’ve given you after your surgery. Start to use a Waterpik at the lowest setting to clean underneath your FMS 4 or use a thin proxy brush but never pick at the implants or gums surrounding them.

After three months post-surgery, once all of your implants have integrated well, you may assume a standard diet but it’s recommended that you avoid very hard foods such as ice, nuts, hard candies and foods that require you to bite and pull on as mentioned before.

Avoid clenching or grinding and always wear your night guard. Use a Waterpik after each meal at a low to medium setting to clean underneath your FMS 4. Return to our office once a year to have your FMS 4 removed, cleaned and polished well and returned to the mouth happily.

Following these simple instructions will help you to heal well with your new FMS 4 and ensure success. We want you to have the best result and to love your new teeth for a long time. So please refer to this video often to learn how to best care for your new teeth. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please call our office at 435-383-3339.

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