Video Explaining All on 4 Dental Implant Bridges


Do you ever feel embarrassed by your smile? Are you often annoyed with your dentures sliding around or falling out? Do you experience consistent pain in your mouth?

It may be time to visit Full Mouth Solutions or FMS, a new solution for your dental needs. Full Mouth Solutions will give you the teeth that you want with the FMS4. It’s a life-changing and proven procedure that isn’t a denture or a snap-in denture.

This procedure is done by first securing four to six dental implants in your mouth. Your new bridge of teeth is connected to these implants. Many of our patients leave with the FMS4 on their first surgical visit.

At FMS, we have the latest technology to give you teeth predictably and efficiently. There’s no need to put up with consistent dental pain, annoying dentures or be embarrassed about your smile ever again.

all on 4 dental implants

Affordable Dental Implants with an FMS4 All on Four Implant Bridge

Want more to smile about? The FMS 4 price starts at $8000 per arch. This is an unbelievable price when you compare with most other offices that charge from $20,000 to $30,000 per arch.

Not convinced? We also have in-house financing, so you could easily have your FMS4 teeth today. Have any questions? We’re happy to answer all of them. Just give us a call at 435-383-3339.

all on 4 implant bridge

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